Mostly, I agree with Gay, and the Democrats have a huge mess on their hands.

December 2022

I am making no predictions, only one resolution, and offering only a few hopes
We should be doing this in Beacon on Main Street
Gov Hochul and Mayor Adams released a report: Making New York Work For Everyone
A multi-part series on the housing crisis in the region in The Highlands Current

November 2022

A new article in The River on the housing crisis in New York and the Hudson Valley
The one who can support their neighbors and work with them.
A column I'm writing for the Highlands Current
Like badgers in a sack, not pulling together

September 2022

It took a while, but we're making progress.

July 2022

What a regional housing campaign says about the failure of government.

June 2022

What if commuting comes to be considered unsustainable?