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Quinn’s hosts Sun Voyager and Dizzy Juice

Last friday seems like a million years ago. It was before I had a chance to fall prey to the dangers of alcohol poisoning while also OD’ing on chicken wings. Before that fateful SuperBowl Sunday however I spent a quiet evening out amongst friends. So on friday night we decided to go to Quinn’s, and were pleasantly surprised to see two new local bands come to play for our musically starved citizens.


Although half of the regular lineup of Sun Voyager were in absentia, the two piece pulled off a stripped down guitar and drums set a ‘la Black Keys and did it well. Loud, psychedelic and primally charged riffs and beats screamed and bled into my ears and reminded me that sometimes less is more, and simple things are good things. I look forward to seeing the whole band play at Quinn’s sometime in the near future, March I believe, but they haven’t hammered out any dates as of yet. 


After the two piece finished their set, Dizzy Juice took the stage. A three piece comprised of good ol’ Reinbeck boys, they embodied a decidedly different style and flavor of rock that was more sexy and bluesy. Their style evoked daydreams and seemed to deal with the moments of seduction and the throbbing hangovers felt by chance lovers when the liquor has worn off, and the romance has all but dissipated, leaving a lingering sense of dissolution but a calm that is welcome in the early morning light.They’re playing was very good as well, and their set which lasted far longer, was ended on a brutal high note of guitar solos and cacophonous screams, which is exactly what I expected out of them. 

All in all Quinn’s seems to be turning into one of the Hudson Valley’s best live music venues.

The simple unassuming decor coupled with the excellent beer and it’s japanese inspired drunchies, (that’s drunk munchies for all you teetotallers out there), continue to beguile and draw in dynamic and talented crowds of musicians, artists, and dreamers, all looking to while away the hours in rock club that embodies all the finest qualities of a small neighborhood bar. 

It’s dark, it’s loud, and no-one knows your name. It’s anonymity and patient brooding shadows play into the dramatic stylings of Tom Schmitz, the owner of Quinn’s and the also famous founder of Ear Wax Records in Brooklyn. Mr. Schmitz has created a perfect thing for our town. Already people seem to be flocking to Beacon to hear music on an almost nightly basis which is something that seems to be have been missing from Beacon for far too long. Hopefully soon, similar venues like Quinn’s will become more commonplace in our part of the Valley and we will find ourselves smack in the middle of new musical renaissance; fueled by exodus from the city, and a new generation of musician’s who call the Hudson river home.

Anyway, right now, that’s just a pipe dream. But who knows? Thanks to bands like Sun Voyager and Dizzy Juice, and business owners like Tom Schmitz, maybe one day, my dream will come true. 

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