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Galaxie 13: Kitsch Kitchen Deluxe

name: Galaxie 13

kind: Antiques

owners: Phil Evans and Ellen Smith

date opened: 2012

address: 436 Main Street, Beacon, NY, 12508

phone: (845) 202-7272


Who’s it for: Kitsch fans, or purveyors of 20th-century antiques.

Highlights and Recommendations Anything in the store, seriously just go in already.

Pros: Bottles of Snake Juice, old photography, extremely-old working cameras.

Cons: It will scare the crap out of your hemophiliac baby.

from the profile:

The folks at Galaxie 13 seemed like the kind of antique dealers that I enjoy, the type who collect old records and pictures of models from the 40’s, knick knacks and curios, movie posters, old albums and bric-a-brac.


The other day as I was walking down Main Street for the thousandth time, my eyes wandered over to Galaxie 13. I could vaguely remember when the place first opened; it’s inviting neon print letters and it’s oddball artifacts stuck in the windows evoked in me the sense that the people inside were definitely worth talking to. The folks at Galaxie 13 seemed like the kind of antique dealers that I enjoy, the type who collect old records and pictures of models from the 40’s, knick knacks and curios, movie posters, old albums and bric-a-brac. Art collectors of sorts who splurge on the unusual, eclectic, and the arcane, who never hide their kooky weirdness, and who are always inviting others to join in with their antics.

Phil Evans and Ellen Smith embody and project this identity and they wear it well. After poking around their place for about a good forty-five minutes I sat down to pick Phil’s brain about Galaxie’s 13’s one-year anniversary, Ellen’s love of taxidermy, and their plans for the future of their business.


Phil Evans and Ellen Smith are the assured King and Queen of all things Kitsch, and the owners and operators of Galaxie 13 Antique Shop here in Beacon, New York.

Keenan Boyd: This is Keenan Boyd for Beacon Streets talking to Phil Evans over at Galaxie 13 antique shop on Main Street. Hello, Phil!

Phil Evans: Hi.

KB: So Phil…Why Beacon?

PE: We both — Ellen and I — had separate shops over in Sugarloaf and Chester, for a couple of years, and really liked Beacon, we kept coming here looking for a place, it just seemed so much more vibrant than Sugarloaf which is you know….on the wane. It actually took us a year to find a spot in Beacon. Every time we something available it would be rented before we could even call on it.

KB: So you like your location now?

PE: Oh I love it! I love this spot wouldn’t move anywhere else or consider anything else!

KB: So how did you guys get into antiques?

PE: I’ve been doing it my whole life, I was collecting when I was five and six years old, I started buying little things with allowance, and I’ve just always done it.

KB: Is there a particular type of antiques you guys like to collect? I look around the store and I see everything from dolls, to old bottles and medicine containers, and snake juice! I saw some snake juice over there!

PE: Well we’re just kind of geared towards the unusual. You won’t find a lot of old oak furniture, or stuff from the 18th century. We kinda’ go forties through the sixties. We collect a lot of odd old medical equipment. You see Ellen is fixated on Taxidermy; you know anything unusual.

KB: Kitsch is good right?

PE: Yes! That’s a perfect word!

KB: So how’s business going now? I just saw that you guys were celebrating your one-year anniversary.

PE: Yeah, that was last saturday on second saturday. Business has been surprising, were doing a lot better than we expected the first year. The first year you have a new store is a struggle. The first couple of years is always a struggle, but we haven’t found that here in Beacon. Business has grown quite a bit, were constantly out there buying new things just to keep the place full so…it’s been good.

KB: Great. Any plans for the future?

PE: To just keep doing what were doing. Were going to start doing a lot more antique shows in the spring and going out there and getting our name out there, and trying to get more people into Beacon too. We’ll have fliers at the shows advertising all the antique shops in the area. But yeah that’s it, just to keep going.

KB: What’s the big expo or show to look out for?

PE: We’ll be at The Stormville Flea Market and The Brimfield Flea Market, and a couple others that haven’t been confirmed yet. There’s one in Long Island that does really well.

KB: Cool, we’ll keep our heads up. Thank you for your time.

PE: Thank you!

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