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Collaborative Builds at Peoples Bicycle

Botsford Briar Bed and Breakfast: Picturesque Victorian Beauty at the top of High Street. 

Keenan Boyd: So Shirley Botsford, are you a native Beaconite? Why did you decide to restore this particular property here in Beacon in 1994? 

Shirley Botsford: I was born in Texas. Austin, Texas. I moved to Pennsylvania, Bethlehem Pennsylvania specifically, when I was about three or four. 

I decided to move to Beacon because I was working at the Beacon Peace and Die Textile plant. I was a textile designer in the city, and I had come up through the long green tunnel. I had come up from the Palisades and through the little bridge with the trees, and to do my strike offs and textile work, color matching and so forth, at the plant. I decided right then and there when I saw the architecture and the Victorians here that I really didn’t want to go back to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

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2-Way Brewing Company: A Brew of Our Own

Keenan Boyd: Why did you decide to bring your brewery here to Beacon? Do you live in Beacon now? 

Michael O’Herron: When I started out with opening the brewery I started to do research about a lot of different locations all over the country. At the time I was in Boulder, Colorado, which is arguably the beer capitol of the United States. But there were some concerns that Boulder was reaching a saturation level, and I kinda’ wanted to get out of there so…I looked around in this area and Beacon was kind of one of the only cities here in the Valley that doesn’t have a Brewery. Plus it has an ideal location on the train line and everything. It made me think that Beacon was kind of prime for a brewery. So far I think I’ll be the first one open here. 

KB: Yeah, you guys are right next to the train station! That’s great. 

MO: Yeah, the location here next to the Metro North Station has been a huge plus. I didn’t even realize the amount of foot traffic that West Main Street gets, but after putting in some pretty long hours here I can see that a lot of people end up walking here from the train station, which isn’t something that I thought would happen a lot, so that’s been pretty cool to see.

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The New Wave of Bike Gadgetry: Necessary and Long Awaited

So early last month Meghan Petersen of the New York Times published an article in the Well section of their online editorial blog called Gadgets to Boost Bike Safety.

She wisely commented that one of the main challenges facing bicyclists and advocates for the continued improvement and funding for bike lanes and bike programs in major urban centers was that many people feel that riding a bike in the city is still a very dangerous activity. Sadly, in many respects they are not wrong in their thinking. The data regarding hit and runs and pedestrian accidents in major US Cities over the past few year has been alarming.

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Guerrilla Street Signs: 20 is Plenty