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Five Events To Honor Toshi And Pete Seeger

The Seeger family have organized a series of concerts, honoring Toshi and Pete Seeger.

Thurs, July 17: 7:30pm Hudson River Park, Film POWER OF SONG. Pier 46, Charles St, West Village, NYC

Friday, July 18: 7pm Bardavon Opera House, Pkpsie. Memorial Service for Friends and Family.(doors open 5:30
FREE but limited space so get tickets at Bardavon, 35 Market St, Pkpsie

Sat, July 19: Noon to 5, Community Day, Events at Beacon Sloop Club ; So Bronx Festival; Ashkan Ctr in Olivebridge NY

Sun, July 20: 4pm Memorial Concert Outdoors at Lincoln Ctr (Damrosch Pk); Huge list of great musicians!

Mon, July 21: 6pm New Songs of Justice Concert. Lots of new young musicians! Summer Stage, Central Pk (near 72nd St 5th Avenue entrance to park.

(hat tip to Connie Hogarth)

Beacon Should Adopt Parking Meters With Higher Prices During Peak Hours


Recent trials in San Francisco shows that having higher prices for parking during peak hours benefits retailers, because it leads to higher turnover:

Adam Mann, What’s Up With That: Building Bigger Roads Actually Makes Traffic Worse

Parking in most cities is far cheaper than it should be, and it’s too often free.

“Because it’s free, people will misuse it and it will be full all the time,” said Duranton. Drivers searching for parking contribute significantly to road congestion. “There are some estimates that say in the central part of cities up to 30 percent of driving is people just cruising around for parking,” Duranton said.

Increasing the price of a parking spot when demand is high would encourage people to leave sooner, letting more drivers occupy the same spot during the day. San Francisco did exactly this starting in 2011 and the results have been a boon to retailers because more customers are able to park in front of their stores. And because prices go down when demand is low, the program has actually saved motorists money.

So the next time someone says that parking meters will be a negative for Main Street merchants — I’m looking at you, Pat Manning — tell them to actually look at the results in cities like San Francisco.

Ray Rabenda of Encore Coffee House speaks Coffee and Thai Fluently

Keenan Boyd: Please Tell us a little about yourself. Are you a Beaconite? How long have you lived and worked in the area? 

Ray Rabenda: I’m Ray Rabenda, managing owner of Encore Coffee House. I’ve lived in Beacon for about five years now. 

Prior to that I lived in the area, I grew up in the town of Poughkeepsie. After the service I came back to the area, and we opened up Sukhothai restaurant ten years ago. Just a few months back Pat Manning approached me concerning the space here at the theatre, and he wanted to make the space a viable space to work in conjunction with what they do at the theatre and thus the concept was born. 

KB: Tell me about the Encore Coffee House, how did this new store come to be? What can we expect from Encore Coffee House that sets it apart from other Cafes in town?

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Beacon and the Hudson Valley Featured As An Alternative to NYC or LA For Creatives

Elyssa Goldberg, 15 Cities for Creative 20-Somethings That Aren’t New York or Los Angeles - PolicyMic

Hudson Valley, N.Y.

Via: Wikimedia Commons

Hudson Valley towns — Kingston, Hudson, Newburgh, Rosendale, Beacon and more — are experiencing an artistic renaissance, or a Williamsburg-ification if you ask the New York Times. The area is close to New York City, but you’d never know it from the inspiring scenery.

Nestled in rolling hills, towns with industrial pasts (think: Walkway Over the Hudson) are converted into creative centers (think: Dia:Beacon). For example, the Basilica Hudson, in all 18,000 square feet of the former glue factory, now serves as a performance space for ska concerts, avant-garde movies, art exhibits, filming and recording. With farm-to-table locavore, sustainable, organic food, Brooklyn-y bars and yoga studios, the Hudson Valley’s city comforts, affordable rent and countryside locale have made it a petri dish for creative thought for those looking to leave New York City.

Because Beacon!